Butterfly blade damper Type BEK

The fire damper type BEK is ideally suited for fire compartments with solid walls and ceilings, but also for light partition walls and shaft walls.

With solid walls and ceilings, installation or porch installation is possible. The robust damper blades ensure the high effectiveness of the fire protection.

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Smoke Control Damper Type RKU

Smoke damper for installation in solid walls and ceilings for post-flow and smoke extraction, also in conjunction with smoke extraction ducts in accordance with EN 12101-7.

The smoke damper complies with the requirements of EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-10 as well as CE conformity with the marking according to EN 12101-8.

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What unites us...

Fire protection, smoke extraction, differential pressure systems and ventilation systems

The protection of people’s lives, assets and buildings, with the provision of comfort through optimised ventilation are at the heart of our business. 

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers in this industry, we offer complete solutions and products that count us amongst the best.

A one-stop solution – from design all the way through to supply and commissioning.


To keep up with, and develop, current standards and legislation, Strulik Ltd are members of the organisations shown on the left.

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Products and services

Air Distribution – General and Displacement
Smoke Control Dampers (CE marked)
Fire Dampers (CE marked)
Smoke Control Systems
Airports / Laboratories / Railways / Apartments
Commercial Shooting Ranges / Historic Buildings


Photo: Heathrow Airport

Air Diffusion Systems for Airports

As individual as your requirements

The ventilation and air conditioning of large and extensive designed buildings have very special requirements concerning to the design of engineers and architects. For many years Strulik has concentrated its activities in the field of tailor made solutions for airports and offers a wide range of assistance to architects, design engineers and contractors in order to meet all the above mentioned requirements.

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