Air Diffusion Systems

For more than 25 years Strulik has specialized in developing and manufacturing the best air diffusion systems possible.

For a given room configuration Strulik engineers plan the layout of supply and exhaust air and choose or develop the most suitable supply and exhaust air diffusers. This happens under consideration of all required parameters - be it in flow dynamic, aesthetic or acoustic aspects.

To install a functional and design-wise optimized system our planning department works together with architects and planners at a very early stage of a project. In many cases standard products cannot meet all requirements so that special solutions will be necessary which have to be adjusted precisely to the customers’ demands.

The by Strulik elaborated concept will then be coordinated with architects and planners and afterwards transformed into products that meet all requirements. Strulik takes full responsibility for function and construction. Strulik has been very successfully engaged in Germany, Europe and for major projects worldwide.

The innovation of Strulik can be documented by a multitude of patents: for example, the first variable air pattern swirl diffuser that shows an identical pressure loss in heating and cooling mode was described in patent specification DE 34 10078.

A further highlight is patent DE 43 42 603.  With multi-outlet swirl diffuser DFA air exchange rates up to 60*[1/h] can be achieved. If you are looking for a technical and design alternative to canal mounting grids our multi-outlet diffuser WSA with nozzle, patent DE 199 21 404 has a nearly unlimited range of applications.

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