Strulik - Security and Future

To be one of the best in our sector ...
...was our ambition when the company was founded in 1975

Today, after more than 40 years, Strulik GmbH is a medium-sized company certified according to ISO 9001, which has been expanded by owner and managing director Jürgen Eidmann and also the managing director Stephan Eidmann into one of the leading product providers in the exclusive air diffusion, smoke extraction, differential pressure systems and fire protection in buildings.

The successful combination of tradition and innovation is used by more than 100 employees in Germany to develop and produce high-quality systems. Experts with many years of experience and the very latest technical know-how provide customized solutions to meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Expertise, quality and exclusivity characterise our company's philosophy, as well as that of our branches and high-tech production facilities across Europe. The production, planning and distribution of building products and safety engineering systems demand a high degree of responsibility and mutual confidence.

We have proved in a large variety of projects that this confidence in our company is justified. For us, the continuous pursuit of improvement goes without saying, as do the patents for technical innovations this creates and the large number of impressive reference objects.

Together we are successful

As a customer-oriented and medium-sized company with excellent know-how and high quality products, we are the ideal global business partner for products and systems in exclusive air diffusion, smoke extraction and fire protection for buildings.


  • Make use of our many years of practical experience in planning according to applications and standards and in the realisation of a wide range of projects.
  • Skilled office staff and field representatives are your local contact partners worldwide.
  • Our products are certified and approved.
  • We provide service and quality in all company sectors
  • We stand by our responsibility
  • A proven system guarantee is the basis for long-term confidence


Quality and Certificates

Quality is an important statement in our corporate philosophy
and is firmly connected to the Strulik name.

To guarantee high product quality, all components leaving our development and production facilities are subject to constant quality control.

The focus of this extensive quality control is on the test facilities and test equipment, as well as to our state-of-the-art production facilities, where all parts are examined carefully – from the individual colouring and powder coating to the final assembly with final check.

High quality aluminium and stainless steel sheets are processed using state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting and punching machines, as well as trimming presses, with which various metal formings and trimmings can be executed. The use of fully automatic welding robots ensures ultimate accuracy in manufacturing.

The deployment of skilled, motivated specialist staff with a strong sense of responsibility and constant improvement in all areas of our company, combined with high-tech production, guarantee excellent quality in the interest of our customers.

The suitability and application of all products of relevance to building authorities have been validated and approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Construction Technology, DIBt).

Approvals from the DIBt are evidence of the suitability and applicability of all Strulik products in the scope of application of state-specific building regulations and in compliance with the construction regulations.

The certification of our company according to the guidelines and targets of EN ISO 9001 – a recognized standard for quality management systems worldwide – is a verifiable and comparable attestation of our competence and performance.

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