Smoke control damper made of calcium silicate Type RKU

  • Smoke control damper for a wide range of applications and installations
  • Especially suitable for installation in walls and floors and onto the surface of floors
  • Classification in accordance with EN 13501-4
  • Fire tested in accordance with EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-10
  • CE certification in accordance with EN 12101-8

Smoke control dampers are intended for the removal of smoke and the provision of supply air in smoke extraction systems.

The smoke dampers are equipped with electric actuators with 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC supply voltage, which are protected in a heat insulating housing in order to ensure proper opening and closing of the smoke damper under elevated temperature conditions.

As an option, Strulik smoke dampers can be equipped with the SEL 1.90 SLC electric motor. Using the appropriate Strulik communication devices (e.g. SPMa-1SR or SPLM-4S OSD Mod.), data such as end position signalling, time maintenance (< 60 s) or torque monitoring can be transmitted. When using Strulik SLC technology each smoke damper is connected with only one two core cable, allowing continuous monitoring and reporting of line short-circuits or line interruptions in the SLC system.


  • Automatic control via electric drive 230V
  • Automatic control via electric drive 24V
  • Automatic control via electric drive 24V SLC (2-wire control)


Installation Situations

Installation directly in front of a solid wall
Installation in metal stud wall
Installation in solid ceilings
Installation standing on the solid ceiling


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