Multi-outlet swirl diffuser Type DFA

  • Realisation of high cooling loads by hugh induction power
  • High degree of air coverage with minimum distance between diffusers
  • Constant low room air speed at high ventilation number
  • High ventilation is possible as a result of a vertical developed displacement current
  • Stable beam picture with or without a periphery
  • A combination of the swirl diffuser with a perforated plate makes a doubling of the supply air volume flow possible

Insertion of supply air in ventilation systems/air conditions with huge air exchange rates


  • High induction at the outlet of the diffuser resulting in horizontal air patterns.
  • In the interior generates a vertical flow by overlapping
  • Through pre-determined selection of the arrangement of the individual diffuser elements, various air patterns can be obtained


  • In sheet steel powder-coated or in high quality steel glass bead blasted
  • Standard colour: RAL 9010 matt
  • Special colours on customer request are possible


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