Wall supply air diffuser Type BKZ

  • Draught-free room purging at air outlet heights of 2,0 to 3,5 m and maximum temperature differences supply air - room air of 3 K in heating and 8 K in cooling
  • 2 manufactured sizes, DN 100 and DN 125, for volume flows of 20 to 130 m³/h (Lw = 45 dB(A))
  • Variable beam picture through convertible nozzle blocks

Insertion of supply air in ventilation systems/air conditions in the office and living space


  • 2 or 4 nozzle blocks that are integrated in a perforated plate influence the outlet direction
  • By moving the nozzle blocks the jet picture can be changed anytime and can be adjusted to the operation purpose


  • Air outlet plate of sheet steel.
  • Powder-coated in standard colour RAL 9010 matt
  • Special colours on customer request are possible
  • Nozzle blocks of ABS, black or white
  • BKZ supply air outlets are available for direct pipe installation or with junction box
  • Junction boxes with nozzles from the back or laterally for the installation in partition walls
  • Air outlet plate at the pipe installation variant is available in round or quadratic form


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