Intumescent Damper as overflow grill Type PXG

  • Fire resistance class: F30 - F120 in accordance with DIN 4102, part 2
  • 1 hour Integrity when tested to BS 476, part 20
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Very good flow properties with the openings are parallel to the air flow, reducing turbulence
  • Resistant to high humidity and most corrosive / industrial air conditions
  • A new application is for installation in the fire protection cladding for switch cabinets which are forinstallation in all rooms with the exception of staircases

  • Fire resisting ventilation unit complete with cover grilles on both sides made from sheet steel.
  • In the event of fire, the unit expands and completely closes off the fire compartment.
  • 1 hour integrity when tested to BS 476, part 20.
  • For installation in partition walls and cable ducts.
  • Unit includes ventilation grilles made of sheet steel.
  • No maintenance.
  • Corrosion protection: Corrosion resistant against aggressive industrial air.


Installation Situations

Installation in walls with fire resistance class F30 to F120
Installation example Combination of solid wall and light partition wall
Lightweight partition wall F30 or installation shafts and ducts
Light partition wall F90 - F120 or installation shafts and ducts


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