Multi-outlet diffuser Type WSA

  • Realisation of high cooling loads
  • Draugth-free room purging even at low air outlet heights.
  • A very equal temperature distribution in the lounge. In contrast to normal grates rotator beam outlets have a sinificantly higher induction and reduce the temperature difference supply air/room air and air speed in half the time.

Linear supply air outlet for wall and ceiling mounting.


  • The emergent supply air will be inserted to the room over 2 to 4 ceiling diffusors DN 100 bzw. DN 125 and over an aluminium perforated plate
  • High-electro twisted multi jets reduce their speed and temperature difference supply air/room air very fast
  • The emergent supply air from the perforated plate will be induced also directly of the twisted beams
  • A turbulence outlet generates a diffuse air movement and a constant and draught-free room purging


  • Aluminium, powder-coated in RAL 9010 matt
  • Special colours on customer request are possible


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