EKS light (small objects) Type EKS light

Small, cost-effective solution, providing an economic system, but with the same safety standard as the large controllers

  • Monitoring and activation device for controlling smoke control systems.
  • All safety connection cables such as detector cables for smoke and push-button detectors, BMZ signal cables and all cables to damper actuators are permanently monitored for breakage and short circuits.
  • This allows any faults in the system to be detected and rectified at an early stage.
  • All dampers to be controlled must be equipped with SLC drives.
  • In SLC technology, both the power supply and the signal transmission are carried out by a specific two wire cable, which considerably reduces the cabling requirements as the number of dampers increases.
  • The cabling from the controller to the SLC actuators is star-shaped. Cable lengths of up to 250m are possible.
  • Each control cabinet is designed individually according to the requirements of the system required.
  • Optional: Versions with E90 fire integrity panels, external fire brigade control panels, remote operating panels with plain text display.


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