Optical smoke detector with service alarm Type ST-P-DA-STB

  • Optical smoke detector 24V with integrated service alarm

  • The optical detector provides early detection of fire and smoke, with particular emphasis on smouldering fires.
  • The detection chamber contains a light transmitter and receiver.
  • In normal operation the light beam leaving the transmitter does not reach the receiver. However, if smoke particles enter the detection chamber, part of the light is reflected back to the receiver which triggers the alarm.
  • During normal operation, the light transmitter pulses every 8 seconds which requires only a low monitoring current.
  • A red LED indication on the detector indicates an alarm. The alarm remains until the SMU control unit is manually reset. The alarm is also displayed at the SMÜ control unit and the status stored until reset. The red LEDs on both the detector and the SMU flash every 3 seconds.
  • The detector design provides full resilience to the influences of air velocities, contamination and EMC.
  • The detector module is mounted on its base using a bayonet connection to allow easy installation and removal.
  • As the detector becomes dirty, this will generate a pre- or service alarm, so that other false alarms may be prevented. The service alarm (green LED) indicates that the detector must be cleaned or replaced.


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