Multi blade fire damper made of calcium silicate Type BKI

  • Fire damper with a short casing depth - 250 mm
  • Especially suitable for installation in, or on to the surface of, walls
  • Classification in accordance with EN 13501-3 up to EI 120 S depending on the installation application
  • Fire tested in accordance with EN 1366-2
  • CE certification in accordance with EN 15650


Width 200 - 1000 mm, height 340 - 1000 mm


  • Thermoelectric release with 230V electric actuator
  • Thermoelectric release with 24V electric actuator


Installation Situations

Installation in a solid wall
Installation of a BKI in solid and partitions walls showing minimum spacing
Installation of the BKI side by side or above each other in solid walls with no minimum distance
Installation of an assembly of BKI's side by side or above each other in solid walls
Installation in a partition wall with metal studs
Mounting on the surface of a solid wall


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