Push-button alarm panels blue Type DKM blau

  • Area of application: Control of mechanical smoke extraction systems with/without ERK
  • Indicators: green LED "Operation indicator", red LED "Smoke alarm", yellow LED "Collective fault".
  • Operating voltage: 24 V AC ± 10%
  • Button pressed: "ERK OPEN", "Smoke extraction fan ON".
  • Button unlocked: Automatic
  • Switching voltage: 24 V AC/DC
  • Switching current: 1 A
  • tripping resistance: 1.5 k
  • Terminal resistance: 1 k
  • Contact S1: max. 24 V
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Terminals: max. 1.5 mm 2
  • Cable entry at top and bottom: Connection via cable gland d=9-13mm or on-site screw connection M20x1.5

Push-button alarm panels are used for manual triggering and commissioning of the smoke protection pressure system via the triggering and evaluation unit. The connection path between control unit and push-button detector is monitored for cable break and short circuit. LEDs indicate the status of the pushbutton detector.

  • Green LED for operating indication
  • Red LED for smoke alarm
  • Yellow LED for collective fault

Push-button alarms can be individually labelled and are available in the following colours, depending on the field of application: DKM blue, DKM grey, DKM orange, DKM yellow.


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