Fire valve Type WBV/ WBZ-K90-18017

  • Infinitely adjustable fire resistant cone valve for supply and exhaust air
  • Triggering: At 72° C with fusible link
  • Standard lengths: NW 100, 125, 160, 200
  • Available in diameters DN100, DN125, DN160 and DN200
  • Flame tight with good reaction to fire capabilities
  • Aerodynamically designed profile gives low noise
  • Fire resistance class K90-18017

Strulik type WBV and WBZ cone valve combine the function of a continuously adjustable supply and exhaust air valve with fire resitance characteristics to K90-18017. The termal release devices are hermetically sealed.

The shut-off devices can be installed in multi-layered ventilation shafts made of mineral building materials with a minimum wall thickness of 24 mm.

No special fixtures and fittings are required (This is time saving and very economic).

Strulik fire resistant cone valves even be retrofitted into ventilation systems to DIN 18017 in order to comply with the applicable fire protection requirements.

The fire resistant cone valves may be used in domestic kitchens.


DN100, DN125, DN160 and DN200


Installation Situations

Installation in shaft walls
Installation outside shaft walls


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