Fire protection element K90-18017 Type WBE-K90

  • Fire resistance class: Resistance class K90-18017
  • Activation: At 72° C with fusible link
  • Standard sizes: NW 100/125/160 and 200
  • Flame tightness: Maximum possible tightness between the insulation, body and blades, resistant to flaming
  • Low noise: Specially designed profile with good air flow characteristics. Integrated shut-off device which gives no disturbance to the air flow. Infinitely adjustable to regulate desired air volume.

The Type WBE shut-off dampers provide fire resistance to class K90-18017.

The WBE can be mounted in walls and ceilings.

No special fixing methods are required (This is time saving and very economic).

The shut-off dampers may be used in ventilation systems in accordance with DIN 18017-3 for supply and return air. They can be mounted inside and outside of F90/F30 shaft partitions or L90/L30 classified system-tested ducts and with, or without, mortar (wet or dry installation).

These shut-off dampers may be used in domestic kitchens.

Fume extraction hoods (hoods without their own fan), which are components of central ventilation systems in accordance with DIN 18017-3, may be fitted with these shut-off dampers.


Installation Situations

Installation in shaft walls
Installation outside shaft walls
Installation in ceilings including revision possibility


  • Productinformation WBE-K90-18017

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