Variable air pattern swirl diffuser Type VDS

  • Maximum ventilation at n=14h-1 while complying with comfort requirements according to DIN EN 13779 and DIN EN ISO 7730

Insertion of supply air in ventilation systems/air conditions in the comfort and industrial sector


  • Continuously, manual jet direction adjustment from horizontal to vertical
  • Stable jet picture with or without periphery
  • Covering of individual or several wings makes a variable jet picture possible
  • Thereby reduction of projection and centre to centre distance possible


  • Direct pipe connection DN 355
  • Junction box of galvanized sheet steel


  • Aluminium, powder-coated
  • Standard flange construction: round
  • Standard colour RAL 9010 matt
  • Quadratic flanges with an edge length of <= 625 mm
  • Special colours on customer request are possible


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