Variable air pattern swirl diffuser Type VD

  • Insertion of big heating and cooling loads is possible by huge induction power
  • Draught-free room purging at low and large air outlet heights
  • Low temperature gradient in horizontal or vertical direction

Insertion of bigger volume flows per outlet and for control of big thermal load reversals in ventilation systems/air conditions in the comfort and industrial sector


  • The very high induction rates of the VD diffusers are achieved by means of 8 specially designed blades. The supply air is projected to any direction between horizontal and vertical by means of varying the route of the air flow within the diffuser
  • Minimal change in pressure loss between horizontal and vertical air patterns
  • Strong penetration of warm air at high mounting heights
  • Minimal energy loss of the jet in heating mode at high mounting heights due to the swirling air stream being surrounded by a non-swirling air stream


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