Swirl diffuser Type SD

  • Realisation of high cooling loads by huge induction power
  • Draught-free room air movement at low mounting heights
  • Extremely equal temperature distribution in the lounch area
  • Compliance with DIN 1946, part 2
  • Variable flange construction
  • Table beam picture with or without periphery
  • Variable beam picture by the cover of wings makes a reduction of the centre to centre and wall distance possible
  • Variable direction of lay at manufactured sizes DN 100 to DN 200.

Insertion of supply air in ventilation systems/air conditions


  • The air will be inserted with 8 horizontally in high-electro twisted single beams.
  • Through this a draught-free room purging arises.
  • Design:
  • All-aluminium afterwards powder-coated
  • Standard colour RAL 9010 matt and accessories are available from stock
  • Special colours on costumer request are possible


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