Induction diffuser Type B15/ BW15


  • Air outlet elements with only a width of 15 mm generate stable single beams that enter the room alternately to the left or right side with an angle of 45°
  • Specific leading of the single beams

Characteristics BW15

  • 2 jets parallel to the ceiling, used for very low ceiling heights (2,2m)
  • Favourable ratio of beam width to beam thickness
  • High inductance, fast reduction of the air outlet speed and the temperature difference supply air/room air


  • Draught-free purging of the lobby at 2,8-4m (B15) and 2,2-3,5m (BW15) ceiling height
  • Compliance with DIN 1946 Bl.2 at variability of the volume flow: 25-100%

Construction form

  • Standard length of 1000 mm, special lengths till 2000 mm in 125mm to 2000mm
  • Round or quadratic air outlet plates.


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