Floor diffuser Type BZD


  • By means of the integrated twist diffusor a higher temperature difference supply air/room air in cooling is possible as well as an insertion in heating
  • Robust high-quality steel air outlet face


  • The supply air passes through the nozzle and will be divided by the ceiling diffusor in 8 twisted single beams that come out tangentially of the exterior border area of the circular perforated plate
  • The emergent air away from the outlet goes along the bottom
  • A constant low air speed without draught appearance indicates the air movement


  • Sheet steel powder-coated (RAL 9005 matt)
  • The air outlet plate consists of perforated high quality steel
  • A powder-coating of the air outlet plate is possible

Construction form

  • BZD 200-200/125 (nozzle DN 125)
  • BZD 200-160 (nozzle DN 160)


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