Low impulse induction diffuser Type NIQ

Custom-made designs in dimensions, form, function and design. For standard operation purpose in the comfort and industrial sector as well as for the use in heating and cooling

Construction form:

  • Rectangular, half-round or round, special forms are possible


  • Supply air outlets with interior air distribution constructions that are adapted to the intended use, for the constant impact of the air outlet face
  • Constructions for a wall projection as well as wall or furniture recessing
  • Column framed or in floor integrated air outlets or isolated column constructions
  • Displacement diffusors with strong or removable air outlet shields
  • The fixing of air outlet shields visually or hidden

Air outlet shield

  • Perforated plate single-shifted, perforation round or rectangular, standard perforation or special perforation, according to set point
  • Perforated plate double-shifted with intermediate PU foam
  • Perforated plate single-shifted with a grate installed on the back for heavy shock load
  • Strulik LSE front, consisting of horizontal or vertical running high quality steel
  • Triangular profil (material 1.4301) with high quality steel perforated plate installed on the back


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