Clean air diffusers Type RA-DA/ RA-DS/ RA-DFA

The Strulik clean air diffusers type RA are used for rooms requiring hygienic air conditions, e. g.:

  • Ventilating plants in accordance with DIN 1946 Part 4
  • operating rooms and preparation rooms
  • intense-care units
  • Clean rooms in medical technology
  • Clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry
  • Clean rooms in food industry
  • Clean rooms in semiconductor technology


The clean air diffuser type RA creates a turbulent air mixture, where the clean supply air is intensively mixed with the room air due to the high induction of the swirl diffuser. The more the contaminated air is being diluted, the higher is the achieved degree of purity.

Filter cells

The filter cells are supplied as class H11, H13 and H14 HEPA filters and class U15 ULPA filters. Class F9 fine filters are available as preliminary filter or return air filter. The standard filter height is 78 mm or 130 mm for filters with gel sealing. Other filter heights are availabel on request.


Depending on the rate of air change, three types of diffusers guarantee the desired low airflows within the occupied zone.

  • ≤ 15 h–1 Swirl diffuser type RA DA
  • ≤ 25 h–1 Swirl diffuser type RA DS
  • ≤ 60 h–1 Swirl diffuser type RA DFA


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