Welcome at Strulik GmbH, one of the leading companies for the divisions smoke exhaustion, fire protection and air diffusion systems. Our distinctive guideline competence and innovation will be substantiated by a number of projects. Inform yourself about our products and systems, current topics and about our representatives in Germany and Europe.

Preventive fire protection

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Air vent openings fulfill an essential function in ventilation systems and guarantee in case of a mechanical exhaust flow the natural intake of the required supply air volume.

Solutions for special air diffusion systems

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Since 35 years Strulik has worked as a supplier of air diffusion systems for special requirements and applications.Strulik does not supply a product only, but it also offers an optimized solution in cooperation with design engineers and architects from the first stage of planning until the commissioning of a system…

Indoor shooting range – Düsseldorf

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Shooting with small arms in indoor areas, such as official shooting ranges for police and security services, together with public shooting clubs, causes health threatening pollution of the range and the breathable air. In addition to the particulate wear of the guns and ammunition, discharge of the weapons creates gases, powder fumes and metal dusts which are harmful to the human body.

Air Diffusion System for Airports

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The ventilation and air conditioning of large and extensive designed buildings have very special requirements concerning to the design of engineers and architects. For many years Strulik has concentrated its activities in the field of tailor made solutions for airports and offers a wide range of assistance to architects, design engineers and contractors in order to meet all the above mentioned requirements.

Wall-mounted automatic extractor outlet (WFA) with VOC* Sensor

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The indoor air of apartments, rooms in hospitals, senior citizen‘s centres and hotel rooms, particularly of internal bathrooms/restrooms, contains an ever increasing amount of avoidable but also unavoidable pollutants and humidity in this day and age.

Prime Tower Zurich

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There is one condition that has to be met for the building Prime Tower in Switzerland: Whether in summer or winter, the ‘smoke control in the stairwell’ safety objective has to been achieved in all climatic conditions!

ADAC Main Office

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“The Star of Sendling”, as the new ADAC building is now called, characterises the Munich cityscape with its unusual architecture. The 92 m high main building, with its over1,000 windows in 22 different colours and the curved base construction is a new landmark of the Munich Westend.

Domestic air diffuser WA-WG

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Discover our wall air diffuser WA-WG. The design oriented air outlet with adjustable nozzles for great penetration depth makes sure that fresh air reaches every corner of homes, small offices and hotel rooms.

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