Multi blade smoke control damper Type RKE-2

  • Smoke control damper for single compartment applications
  • Suitable for installation onto the outside of smoke control ducts in accordance with EN1366-9
  • Classification in accordance with EN 13501-4
  • Fire tested in accordance with EN 1366-10
  • CE certification in accordance with EN 12101-8

Smoke control dampers are intended for the removal of smoke and the provision of supply air in smoke extraction systems.

Strulik Type RKE-2 Single compartment smoke control dampers may only be used to discharge smoke from the area/fire section (single compartment) to be protected - therefore there are no requirements for fire resistance and maintanance of compartmentation

The smoke dampers are equipped with electric actuators with 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC supply voltage, which are protected in a heat insulating housing in order to ensure proper opening and closing of the smoke damper under elevated temperature conditions.


  • Automatic control via electric drive 230V
  • Automatic control via electric drive 24V


Installation Situations

Installation top or bottom
Installation on side or opposite side
Installation on front side


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