Smoke detection system Type RMS-2

• If the RMS smoke detection system is connected directly to the local power supply, an SM control unit is not required.

• If using straight 24 V AC and DC connections an SM control unit is required.

• If using bus technology, 2-wire communication with a secure 24V AC power supply, the RMS smoke detector can be monitored with the SPLM, SBKM2 or SPMa-1SdR module.

The RMS smoke detection system consists of an SM control unit, an ST-P-DA smoke detector and a box with the air sampling pipe.

Under the control of the smoke detection system, any fire damper, smoke control damper or fan switch relay must be moved to the safety (closed) position in the following cases;

• On detection of smoke

• On detection of a missing smoke detector, a short circuit or a cable break

• When the test button in the smoke detection system is pressed

• If a contamination level of 100% is exceeded

• The fire damper, smoke control damper and fan relay switch shall remain in the safety position when the energy supply is restored and if smoke is still detected.

Note: If the power supply fails without a smoke alarm, the smoke detection system returns to operational readiness when the power is restored.


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