Fire damper with mounting frame Type BR

  • Fire damper for a large variety of applications with the ability to dry install
  • Available in diameters DN100, DN125, DN160, DN200, DN250 and DN315
  • Classification in accordance with EN 13501-3 up to EI 120 S depending on the installation application
  • Fire tested in accordance with EN 1366-2
  • CE certification in accordance with EN 15650

Strulik type BR fire dampers are suitable for installation in, and on to the surface of, lightweight partiton walls, as well as on top of, and below concrete or aerated concrete floors.

A subsequent replacement of the type BR damper by a type BEK is possible, as the installation frames (ED and EW-L) apply to both fire dampers. This allows subsequent motorisation without great effort).

The fire damper type BR can also be installed in solid walls and ceilings without a mounting frame (wet mortar installation).


DN100, DN125, DN160, DN200, DN250 and DN315


  • Thermal release via fusible link
  • Thermoelectric release with 230V electric actuator
  • Thermoelectric release with 24V electric actuator


Installation Situations

Installation in solid walls
Installation in solid floors
Installation in a partition wall with metal studs


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