Supply fan with integrated pressure relief damper (mechanically regulated) Type DV-RK1

  • Supply fan with integrated pressure relief damper (mechanically regulated)
  • For the maintenance of an overpressure of max. 50 Pa in the pressure zone
  • The automatic regulating pressure relief damper fulfils the control time requirements of DIN EN 12101-6, a direct reaction on opened up and closed doors are therefore given.
  • At closed doors the backflow of the volume flow happens backwards over the open damper
  • At opened doors from the pressure zone and the given exhaust flow possibility
  • From using to the atmosphere the damper is closed und the volume flow is available for the perfusion of the open door cross-section
  • The unit should be installed blowing out freely into direct contact to the pressure zone, external pressure losses are to restrict to < 25 Pa
  • Different installation locations are to check with the manufacturer
  • Construction form of the ventilator: Axial ventilator with an infinitely variable blade angle and characteristic stabiliser in the shutdown
  • The characteristic stabiliser prevents the shut-off of the characteristic in the left area. So we guarantee a secure handling at changing system conditions
  • Available frame sizes see selection table
  • Constructions with weather protection case on request


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