Mechanically regulating pressure relief unit Type DE-RK2-JZI-DS-AH

  • 5,000 m³/h to 30,200 m³/h at Δp = 50 Pa
  • response time < 3 seconds
  • wind independent
  • operating pressure - infinitely adjustable
  • multiblade damper made from insulating material
  • mounting frame (MR) in RAL 9006 or optional choice of RAL

Pressure relief unit fitted with an automatic multiblade control damper for vertical flow (roof mounting). The roof base is supplied with internal insulation, an inspection cover and all-round adhesive seal edge.

The multiblade damper is made of insulating material finished with an additional coating to protect against moisture. The spring return actuator is factory fitted - normally open.

See technical details for more information.

Optional accessories

  • Ventilation function: consists of a Type RK2 control damper factory fitted with a spring return actuator Type SFR (normally closed (CLOSED)) and a surface-mounted key switch
  • Smoke exhaust function, consisting of: Actuator with spring return Type SFL for control damper Type RK2, normally open (OPEN)
  • Available with split design giving control of two pressure relief areas for two volume flows
  • Weather compensation: Adaptation of response dependent upon outdoor temperature by means of a Type SLM-SLC modulated actuator. Response time remains fast (< 3 seconds) and automatic without auxiliary power.


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