Wall supply air diffuser Type WA

  • Variable beam penetration. Hereby adaptation of the trajectory length to the respective spatial depth.
  • Easy mounting by insertion of supply air outlets in a pipe DN 125

Draught-free and low noise insertion of supply air in living spaces. Supply air outlet with high induction and therefore a fast reduction of air outlet speed and temperature difference supply air - room air


  • The supply air is introduced into the room in a horizontal pattern with a central swirling jet created by 6 swirl elements. Contrary to the axial direction of the swirling jet, the nozzle ring has a radial discharge characteristic
  • By adjusting the stream nozzle behind the twisted outlet the jet direction and so the penetration can be adjusted


  • Sheet steel, powder-coated
  • Standard colour is RAL 9010 matt
  • Special colours on customer request are possible


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